Frequently asked questions
about this site

Why is this site so ... white?

This site follows a strict minimalist design approach, meaning every element must follow a clear, concise and meaningful purpose. Utilizing this concept this websites is optimized for the largest possible audience, maximum reach and most diverse bandwidth speeds and web-devices.
Further advantages of minimalist web-design are: very fast loading times on any web-device (mobile, tablet, desktop), minimal bandwidth usage and download times, responsiveness, accessibility, ‘safe for work’ and – last but not least - environmental awareness (less bandwidth usage equals less energy consumption of the server and the user’s device).

Which framework was used for this site?

The framework which is used for this website was developed and coded by me in 2018. It is called ‘FastFrame’ (non-public version 1.0) and is an progressional offspring of my (S)CSS framework Alpha X Presso, which I released in 2017 - 2018.
In the past I used all the popular frameworks for web-development for large projects, but became more and more dissatisfied with the performance of such large scale frameworks. After researching into this topic, I concluded that most websites (especially e-Commerce) rarely use more than 30%-40% of the possibilities such large scale frameworks offer. More often than not, all of the superfluous and unnecessary code remains in the website, adding massive bloating and preventing performance optimization for fast download times.
In the competitive e-Commerce realm very fast websites are crucial for optimum user experience, customer journey and efficient conversion, directly impacting sales and revenue.
‘FastFrame’ is a modern, modular and sleek (s)css framework alternative, specifically designed to offer a solid starting foundation for web projects. It’s modular set-up allows for project specific, precise and fast web-coding, while retaining an open and expandable approach.
This whole website is merely 2000 lines of css-code (expanded) including all project specific alterations and additions – whereas most other popular frameworks come with 10 000 lines of css-code (expanded) as a basic setup without project specific alterations and additions.

I plan to revise 'FastFrame' and release the first public version within the next months. At the time being, 'FastFrame' is used on several selected websites for thorough live-testing.